• Kundalini Yoga

    With Pia Crosby

    Pia teaches Kundalini as taught by Yoga Farm Ithaca

    Spiritual Warrior Kundalini Yoga

    Sat Nam

    Jeannie O'Neill of Yoga Farm Ithaca gives an introduction at the start of a Kundalini Yoga Class sharing her approach to teaching and practicing this science. To find out upcoming course schedules visit www.yogafarm.us

    Yoga Farm Ithaca


    Long Time Sun by Snatam Kaur

    An old Irish blessing and the golden voice of Snatam Kaur. From the album 'Grace' (Spirit Voyage Records 2004).

    Sat Nam + Ong Namo Guru Dav Namo


    Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo or Adi Mantra refines the energy around and within us.


    Ong Namo : I Bow to the creative power - divine energy - force, that created this entire universe, this cosmos

    Guru Dev Namo : I bow to the great divine teacher that is within me.

    It's a powerful mantra to start Kundalini Yoga.

    We all came from that same source, and the part of that source, that energy, that wisdom is also inside alll of us.

    So this mantra allows us to take our attention inside, search of the wisdom inside.


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