• Fierce Therapy

    with Pia Crosby, LMFT, RYT, Soul Doula & Energy Healing

    EMDR Intensives, Brainspotting Intensives, Psychotherapy, Kundalini Yoga, Soul Doula & Energy Healing

  • Pia Crosby

    Licensed Marital Family Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Energy Healer, and Soul Doula

    EMDR & Brainspotting Intensives

     Psychotherapy and Soul Doula

    Licensed Marital Family Therapist in California

    Pia offers weekly psychotherapy sessions, Brainspotting and EMDR Intensives that are fine tuned to each client. Customized treatment, connection, and follow-up creates the foundation of the care Pia offers to all her clients. Her eclectic approach to therapy incorporates expressive arts, music, yoga, energy healing, Brainspotting, compassionate inquiry approach and EMDR. The combination of therapeutic approaches offered is anchored in grit, resiliency and humanity. In addition, Pia also offers her services as a Soul Doula, also known as a soul midwife or end of life doula, the support Pia offers often focuses on the emotional, psychological and spiritual side of death & dying, as well as the more practical things to manage life.

    Anchored in service with One Life Counseling Center

    One Life Counseling Center: San Francisco Office housed in The Center SF


    At One Life Counseling Center, Pia provides weekly psychotherapy sessions (Individual, Couples and Family Therapy) and supervises One Life Trainees/Associates. The work Pia continues to do at One Life Counseling Center allows for community, connection and resources to support her clients.






  • Healing Services

    EMDR Intensives, Brainspotting Psychotherapy, Kundalini Yoga, Energy Healing, SUP Yoga

    EMDR Intensives, Brainspotting Intensives & Psychotherapy

    Anchor. Grit. Resilience.

    Pia offers EMDR Intensive therapy, Brainspotting Intensive therapy and weekly psychotherapy session by appointment.

    Pricing varies depending on customization of therapeutic service.



    Kundalini Yoga

    Notice. Resonate. Flow.

    Pia offers a blend of Kundalini Yoga, breathing techniques that incorporate moon cycles, and enneagrams embraced in the foundation of a Spiritual Warrior. Classes offered online and at The Center SF.

    Reiki Energy Healing

    Energy. Vibration. Healing.

    Pia offers distance attunements, healing energies, balancing chakras, and helps create an awareness of self. Pia has completed Reiki Master training with Natural Healer Melissa Crowhurst and continues to learn and deepen the connection with the mind, body and soul.

    SUP Yoga

    Paddle. Breathe. S.O.U.L

    Pia is a SUP Yoga instructor at Mike’s Paddle in Alameda where she interweaves the motion of the water, wind, nature into SUP Yoga (stand up paddle boarding yoga). In her classes you will paddle for your S.O.U.L (Self, Opening, Understanding and Love). If interested, please register by clicking this link:


    Soul Doula

    Connection to Death, Dying & Living

    Pia is a Soul Doula whose work ranges from logistical planning for the time before, during and after of death; conducting rituals or comforting practices; helping the dying person reflect on their life and values and supporting their families through this special time.



    Pricing for Healing Services

    EMDR Intensives, Brainspotting Intensives, Psychotherapy, Kundalini yoga, Soul Doula & Energy healing


    EMDR Intensive therapy

    Offered Virtually & In-Person at The Center SF

    Pricing varies per program

    3 different EMDR Intensive programs available

    Psychotherapy & Brainspotting Intensive Therapy

    individual, Couples, family

    Offered Virtually & In-Person at The Center SF

    $250/hr for Psychotherapy

    Click below to review the 3 Customized BRAINSPOTTING Intensive Programs available


    *Insurance accepted: Kaiser Permanente and Manage Health Network*

    Possible sliding-scale fee available

    Kundalini Yoga classes/Events

    Offered Virtually & In-Person at The Center SF

    TBD per class/event

    Chanting, movement, community and music

    Soul Doula & Energy Healing

    Sessions offered by appointment only

    Offered Virtually & In-Person

    Soul Doula & Energy Healing

    Packages catered to your needs

    Email to inquire

    Connection to Death, Dying and Living in Balance, exploration, embracing YOUR ENERGY & HEALING


    SUP Yoga at Mike’s Paddle in Alameda, CA

    2hr class

    $65/SUP Yoga class at Mike’s Paddle


    •paddle board


    •Personal Floatation Device (PFD/life vest)

    •SUP Yoga class

    •Basic Paddle Boarding lesson

    Paddle Boarding for the S.O.U.L (Self, Opening, Understanding, Love)

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