Interwoven into the unique rhythms of our hearts are the

heartstrings that connect us

Amidst the pandemic, from March 2020-current day, there has been extreme shifts, changes, challenges, heart aches, grief, loss, and an awakening of the souls. We have been brought to notice things about each other and our selves that may need some attention, some healing, and maybe some exploration. We can continue the conversations about social justice, political agendas, convserations about culture and diversity, all these that bring awareness to our beings. But right now, I want to let you know that you are LOVED. There is a word that holds such power and strength, that people seem to sparingly use, but at this moment, we are connected by our heartstrings. Reading these words, thinking your thoughts and noticing that although we may not know each other, there is love in this moment. YOU are and always have been perfectly YOU who is MORE than ENOUGH. You've taken the time to pause, to read words in front of you, to possibly connect with these words, and notice that we thrive and seek connection. These heartstrings may not be seen, but at times they are felt, heard in the tonation of your voice, in your smile and smiling eyes, in the way you see this moment right now. 


Take a moment to inhale...then...exhale. Notice where your thougths take you, what you feel in your heart center. It's okay for the thougths to come in, just notice and like clouds floating by, let them pass by. Breathe in...Exhale out...at this very moment notice the rhythm of your breath. With gentle intention, invite yourself to say...I am love. I have been loved into being who I am today. I will learn to love myself. I am love. If this does not resonate with you, invite yourself to just notice or remember something that makes you smile...that's love too. INHALE.EXHALE.


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